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USA Dive Stores &-pyc- Scuba Charter Boat Look UP

USA Dive Stores &-pyc- Scuba Charter Boat Look UP

USA Dive Stores &, Scuba Charter Boat Look UPEasy to look up Scuba Dive Charter Boats and Scuba Dive Stores. This tool allow to your look by regions of the US for Scuba Dive Vessels and Dive Centers by the State and City.tags: sports 2014/04/18

spotstart.comLets users easily visit or search 20+ categories of popular web sites including Craig’,s List, downloads, local resources, stores, references, videos, Google services, Yahoo services, and more. User can customize the categories and the sites they want to see. Feedback and new site suggestion are welcomed.tags: searchtools 2014/03/30


SalesCircularA quick way to compare what is on sale every week at local retail stores in your area. Easy way to check if the store you are at has the lowest sales price, even while you are at the store.The ads are collected from Sunday newspapers and other weekly circulars. We cover all major national chains and select local stores. The national chains are Circuit City, CompUSA, Kmart, Office Max, Office Depot, Radio Shack, Sears, Staples, Target and WalMart. There is also a link for free products... 2014/03/29
Organic Wine Find

Organic Wine Find

Organic Wine FindThe Organic Wine Find web app allows you to find organic wines in stock at local stores. Use your current location or a zipcode to get a list of local stores. Select a store and see a list of available organic wines. Its that simple.tags: searchtools 2014/03/28
Local Search - Yellow and White Pages for Germany

Local Search - Yellow and White Pages for Germany

Local Search - Yellow and White Pages for GermanyMore than five million addresses including local stores, cash dispenser, hotspots, car dealer, doctor, emergency services, fast food restaurants and much more. Including phone numbers, maps and directions. Search for any landline phone number or use the reverse mode to get the callers name, available for Germany.tags: searchtools 2014/03/26


iStoreFinderA lightweight web app optimized for the iPhone and iPod Touch that allows you to enter a state, see all the Apple Stores in the state, and then select anyone. Once you have selected a store, you are presented with an iPhone like display of the address, phone number, store hours, and much more.tags: searchtools 2014/03/25
eShopping Madness

eShopping Madness

eShopping MadnessA comprehensive tool that allows the end users to look at the same product or products from thousands of online stores across the web. Streamlined for ease of use for the end user, it offers easy searching, simple navigation, and outstanding content. With years of experience in the online shopping cart industry, this application takes one of the most useful tools on the web and delivers it to the iPhone with the simplest of ease and usability.tags: searchtools 2014/03/23
Apple Store Locator

Apple Store Locator

Apple Store LocatorThe Apple Store Locator for the iPhone lets you find the nearest Apple Store or any Store that sells iPhones, iPods or Apple Macintosh Computers.You can search by ZIP code or city, browse by states and see the Stores address and phone number along with the URL and distance to your location.With one tap you can show the location of the selected store on the map or call the store.tags: searchtools 2014/03/20
Amazon &-pyc- eBay Shopping

Amazon &-pyc- eBay Shopping

Amazon &, eBay ShoppingThe search page allows you to compare prices and products at Amazon and eBay simultaneously. On the first page of shopping results, the top Amazon products are shown along with the top eBay results.This can be very helpful when comparing prices in department stores. Average ratings are also shown.tags: searchtools 2014/03/20


jkPasswordjkPassword safely stores all your sensitive information with templates that store everything from website logins to credit cards. jkPassword encrypts your information on the iPhone or iPod touch for storage on our server. As a result, your data is completely encrypted and backed up at the same time. Built specifically for the iPhone and iPod touch, jkPassword provides the look and feel of a genuine iPhone/iPod touch application. Initial release.tags: productivity 2014/03/12

AOL Shopping

AOL ShoppingUse on your phone to get information the products you want. Read product details. Get links to where the items are selling online. Get phone numbers, addresses, and directions to stores near you that carry the merchandise.tags: productivity 2014/03/06

Let It Roll

Let It RollIn this game you roll 5 dice and try to get different combinations. To score, all you do is select the score from the scoresheet and then pass the device to the next player (works with the iPhone and iPod touch). The game stores the turn and your scores, so you can even restart your iPhone/iPod touch and resume right where you left off.The game can be played with any number of players, or you can play solo and try to beat your high score!tags: games 2014/01/26

Avanti Furs

Avanti FursFollow the latest Media on Avanti’,s fur fashion, find out about the latest Events, or use the magnificent Store Locator to find an Avanti fur store near you. You may also take a pic at a few items from the latest Avanti fur collection!Avanti’,s impressive, original, creative and modern collections of fur garments for men and women have a unique ability to attract attention. It is not accidental that thousands of customers from around the world, including many celebrities, visit... 2013/11/24


If you live in Germany, YellowMap is your friend. With more than five million addresses including local stores, cash dispenser, hotspots, car dealer, doctor, emergency services, fast food restaurants and much more. Including phone numbers, maps and directions. Search for any landline phone number or use the reverse mode to get the callers name, availabletags: mios 2013/09/21

Vinas Lock Box

The Vinas Consulting team offers a few utility applications for your iPhone. Vinas Lock Box stores private information such as passwords and credit cards. This application was developed with security as the top priority. Next was speed and then usability. Your information is stored on the servers of Vinas Consulting. The web application uses SSL.Antags: mios 2013/09/17


SuperDeal compares online prices for the demanded product and lists all founded shops, sorting them in regards to their relevance or price. A search like this can alternatively be done in US-shops or in stores within Germany. An optional filter allows a separate search of products on eBay and Amazon. Google Base is used astags: mios 2013/09/09


Compatible with the iPhone, iPhone 3G, and iPod Touch, get the latest coupons and special offers and shop at over 1,000 stores on your iPhone or iPod touch with the ShopRMall webapp. This webapp can help you get the Latest Coupons, view All of Our Special Offers and Discounts, over 1,000 Name Brand and Specialtytags: mios 2013/09/04


Quickly check online prices on your iPhone while out shopping to see if its cheaper online or in-store. The tool searches, Amazon,, Yahoo Stores, eBay, CNET Shopper and also shows related coupons. Try with TestiPhonetags: mios 2013/08/29


Using pricecheckah you can compare prices across multiple websites on the web via UPC and ISBN codes on your iPhone. Search across these e-commerce sites via keywords inluding Amazon,, eBay, Overstock and WalMart. Great for when you are out shopping at local stores and want to know the online prices to verify you aretags: mios 2013/08/29

Price Canada

Are you a comparison shopper nut? Are you in the habit of checking the prices on the internet before buying anything at the store? for iPhone lets you check prices from other stores. Just enter your product name and search for it. Now deciding to buy or not will be much easier.You cantags: mios 2013/08/28

Pizza Hut iPhone

Use the mobile version of the Pizza Hut portal from your iPhone. This webapp allows current Pizza Hut customers to place online orders and find local stores. Note: You are probably looking for the real Pizza Hut App to download which came out recently.Try with TestiPhonetags: mios 2013/08/27


iPhoneCNews Lists Technology reviews for most popular categories of gadgets and electronics using the CNET API. Links to for the full reviews. Could be useful when shopping at stores like Best Buy, Circuit City and you want to compare prices and read reviews on your sexy mobile device. Must be using iPhone. Read moretags: mios 2013/08/04

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